Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid

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  • Adaptive to the most terrain shape, especially sloped or crooked surfaces
  • High resistance to dynamic shock loading and seismic activity
  • Excellent ability to withstand the differential settlement
  • Low weight – easy to lay out
  • High connection capacity strength between facing and grid
  • Long life span
  • Cost saving


Polyester geogrid is fabricated by the complex knitting process using high tenacity, high oriented polyester filament to provide superior engineering and long term design strength properties.  BPM warp knitting polyester geogrid is specifically designed for improved tensile reinforcement capacity in two principle directions. Our warp knitting polyester geogrid is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable and biologically unaffected by soil micro-organisms. It is used for both harsh construction installation phase and in soil reinforcement application where strength develops uni-axially which can provide further chemical, mechanical and ultraviolet protection. 

Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid Specifications




PET40-40 PET50-50 PET80-80 PET100-100 PET120-120
Elongation (%) 13%
Intensity (kN/m) Longitudinal  20 30 40 50 80 100 120
Transverse  20  30  40  50  80  100  120
Grid (mm) 12.7*12.7  25.4*25.4
Breadth (m) 1-6

Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid Features

  • Excellent mechanical properties and long-term stability.
  • High tensile strength.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Anti-corrosion resistance.
  • Balanced vertical and horizontal strength.
  • Strong tearing resistance.
  • Excellent soil surface adaptability, especially the tilted or curved surface.
  • High resistance to dynamic impact load and vibration activity.
  • Strong strengthening ability.
  • Excellent resistance to differential settlement.
  • Easy to install.

Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid Application

  • Road or railway road sub-grade reinforcement
  • Walls retaining
  • Harbor, lake or dam stabilization
  • Tunnels and mining construction
  • Erosion prevention
  • Parking lots reinforcement
  • Anti-snow barriers


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