Irrigation Canal, New-Zealand

By admin on Jun 01 in Projects.

The Canal construction involved excavation of 3 million cubic metres, cut and fill construction with a slope gradient 2H-1V with a specially designed key anchor trench. HDPE Liner area installed 600,000m² with 900,000m² of geotextile protection underlay and overlay for the key anchor and invert sections that required ballast placed on the liner.
The scope also included 13 bridges and 5 offtake structures. A special termination detail was utilised to seal the liner to the structures. A #316 marine grade stainless steel batten bar and neoprene rubber gasket was fixed with epoxy anchors at 150mm centres to provide a continuous compression seal between the concrete structure and the HDPE liner.
A crane was utilised for deployment for the terrace section where limited access and safety had to be considered. The narrow cut reduced excavation and saved on construction cost.


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